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Using Perforce merge tool (p4merge) with git on Cygwin

December 17, 2010

This guide will show you how to setup the Perforce merge tool (p4merge) as your default git mergetool on Cygwin.

  1. Download the Perforce client (p4v) from here. (Go to Clients > Visual Merge Tool, and download the appropriate installer for your machine)
  2. Perform the installation, making sure that you only check the merge tool component and cross out all other components
  3. (This step is optional)
    Open up cygwin, and create a symlink to p4merge by doing:

    ln -s /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Perforce/p4merge.exe /usr/bin/p4merge

    (modify the target path if you installed Perforce in a non-default folder). This way, you can open up p4merge anytime in Cygwin simply by typing “p4merge”

  4. Add the following lines to your ~/.gitconfig in Cygwin using your preferred text editor:

    tool = p4merge
    [mergetool “p4merge”]
    path = c:/Program Files/Perforce/p4merge.exe
    trustExitCode = true

    Again, edit the path if you used a non-default Perforce install path.

  5. Save and exit the file. If you have pending merges in the current git tree and you type git mergetool, voila, your merge will be done using the very user-friendly p4merge.

How to Change the My Music folder on right hand side of Vista or XP start menu to any other folder

December 7, 2008

OK, I haven’t been posted in a LONG time, and I’m back to share something which I think more people should know about. I’ve been trying to customize my Vista installation to work for me whenever I have the time to do so ever since I decided to use it as my main OS. Truly, Windows would benefit from being more customizable, and one of the main things people want to change is the shortcuts on the right hand side of the start menu. While there’s no option within the OS to do this, it can be accomplished through modifying the registry.

Some very nice people at WinVistaClub have written a VBScript which modifies the “My Music” folder shortcut in the start menu to another folder of your choosing. It even updates the icon shown at the top of the start menu when you mouse over! Here’s the link and instructions. I’ve also attached that script here just in case that link goes down (That’s actually a .vbs file. WordPress won’t let me upload that filetype, so make you choose “save link as…” and change its extension to .vbs before executing it).

Hope this helps someone!