Wow, Abiword, just, wow…. (aka Abiword Sucks)

Forgive me for not being constructive and not submitting bugs to the devs and that sort of thing (I may later on…), but for now, I just have to let off some steam… and from the experience I’ve got using this application, I believe I have every right to!

So I was looking for Wordpad’s equivalent in Linux-world, and according to a post in the Ubuntu forums Abiword was it. So I apt-get install it, and try it out… (running Ubuntu 8.10)

1) I copy some text into the page… then I realize the font size is too big, so I Ctrl+A and highlight the “font size” box and replace the “12” with “10”… voila! the TEXT I selected gets replaced with “10” instead of the number in the “font size” field. Genius! So I guess I will just have to use the arrows to change font sizes…

2) Then I wanted to change the font. I look at the “font” bar, and there’s no way to type in it! I can’t even enter an ‘M’ to get to the fonts that start with ‘M’… I have to SCROLL through the 100 or so fonts on my system to find the one I want. This is not a bug per se, but c’mon!

3) Then I needed to paste in more text. I do so, then to look at the bottommost text I use my mousewheel to scroll all the way down. Good, its there. But… when I scroll back up, Abiword keeps slowly scrolling the screen down! I tried using my keyboard arrows and a bunch of other things to try to make it behave but it just wouldn’t quit. At this point I had no choice but to close the whole abomination.

Looks like I will just stick to the heavier OpenOffice for now. I am just in complete shock and awe that this software is in the Ubuntu repos and is classified as a “finished product”. It would be poor even if it was in beta. Lesson of the day: Beware of Abiword!


5 Responses to “Wow, Abiword, just, wow…. (aka Abiword Sucks)”

  1. brian daniels Says:

    abiword does indeed, suck.

  2. wade Says:

    My problem with this program was when i went to print the document, the format was not correct or corresponding to the format on the computer, very frustrating!

  3. seriously? Says:

    Dude. It’s free.

  4. miffed Says:

    I spent a day writing a document in Abiword, then decided to split it into two. I copied the file and deleted half from one copy. When I re-opened the 2nd copy Abiword had erased the first character, sometimes the first several characters of each line, all the way down the document, so I pretty much lost that half. It was just an rtf; I redid it in MS Word. I mostly go for open source but I have never been so grateful for Microsoft.

    Seriously, “seriously?”? It’s not worth “free”. Offering something that is going to waste a day of work is worse than useless.

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