Your Domain Name in XAMPP

This probably applies to many other things while working with XAMPP or any webserver on your machine, but I specifically used it when using AJAX. Just determine your LAN/local/internal ip address and use that ip address as your domain name. For example, if this is what you had on another webserver,

var myDomain = ""; //where your proxy file is placed
var proxy_name = "phpProxy.php";  //proxy's filename
var actualReq = "" //actual request
var url = "http://"+myDomain+proxy_name+"/?"+actualReq;

and your local ip for example is, replace


Also, when you call the file from your browser, instead of using “http://localhost/….”, use “….” instead.

Happy XAMPPing!


One Response to “Your Domain Name in XAMPP”

  1. shufi Says:

    hye. i would like to ask. how can i propagate my domain name to my pc that running xampp as a server with windows server 2003?

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